Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 6: Easy day in Kyoto

I stayed in Kyoto today fear the rain would be too inconvenient to travel around, but as it turned out, it was just some drizzle here and there, no big deal at all. I got a 1 day bus pass and armed with a Kyoto city bus map (more story to tell about this map later) visited Kinkaku ( Golden Pavilion), Ryoanji and some other shrines around the area. Walked the Path of Philospohy and end the day with a delicious bowl of Kimchi pork and rice.

I have been using Lonely Planet as my primary guide book. I particularly like the walking tours they recommended. However the direction they provided were not always correct, so you need to ask around a bit and do some wandering around. One instance was instead of a left turn, the book suggested a right turn etc. Sometimes the point of interest just not as interesting as they suggested. For example, the guide book described a small shrine built on a waterfall along a walking tour, as it turned out, the so call waterfall was just a tiny rush of spring water flowing from a short ledge. But nonetheless, I enjoyed how the guide book would intrigue my imagination of the site, as if I'm embarking on a treasure hunting trip, armed with the guide book as my treasure map. The result may not always rewarding, but the process itself was exciting enough.

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