Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day 5: Lost in Transportation!?

Today's plan was to go to Fushimi-Inari Taisha shrine while on my way to Nara. Once in the train I noticed another sightseeing place Tofukuji is just a stop before Fushimi-Inari, so I hopped off the train to check out the temple first. I figured since there is only one train bound for Nara, it should be a very straight forward detour, just hopped back to a train from the same platform, right? WRONG! Instead I hopped on to an express train (on the same platform) to Nara, which didn't stop at Inari :(. So I ended get to Nara first and vIisited Inari on my way back.

I spent a good 5 hours in Nara Park, there are many temples and shrines there, most famous one is Todaiji Temple. The park is known far its deer population, they're very comfortable being with and fed by people. Almost every way you go, you can see them strolling along. That also mean you need to watch where you step especially on the grass, you might just got "lucky" and got a special souvenir from Nara.

So on my way home I took the express again, which save me abot 10 min versus taking a local train. Once got back to Tofukuji, 2 minutes later I hopped on the local train one stop to Inari. Japan Rail system is amazingly puncture, when it say 13:59 it really mean exactly that.

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, I think I will stay in Kyoto do some shopping or checkout some local tourist spots.

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