Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 3: Kyoto

First full day in Kyoto. My guest house location is far from convenient, and Kyoto subway system is pretty limited. So have to learn to take bus. I bought a day pass for 500 Yen, so that i can comfortably exploring the city and the bus system. a single ride is 220 Yen, so Y500 is a good deal.

I went to Kiyomizu-dera and walked the old streets to Chion-in, both temples are amazing in both size and design. After a long morning, I went to Nijojo Castle. And last trip of the day was Gion, the Gesha district, but unfortunately I didn't see any of them, I must have been there too late and they're already at their work place.

So far I managed to keep my budget quite low. My guest house is Y2500 a night, I spent about Y400-Y600 for a meal. So far only 1 meal cost more than Y500, most were around Y400, and they'e very delicious. I'll be heading to Himeji tomorrow, the Himeji Jo is the hi-light of my whoe trip to Japan, can't wait!

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