Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 4: Himeji-Jo and Osaka-Jo

Today I took the JR to Himeji. The main interest of my trip to Kansai area in Japan is to visit Himeji Castle, one of the greatest, original castle in the world. I first fell in love with this castle was when I was in college. I took a Japanese art class, instead of writing a paper at the end of the semester, we have the option to do a art project that is related to Japan. I chose to build a model of the Himeji castle. I have never really finish the project, but what I'd managed to complete earned me an A for the class, not too bad huh. The model I built managed to survive my numorous moves, I'll take a picture of what is left now and post it here when I return to Boston.

The visit to Himeji was surreal, well so was the whole visit to Japan. The best part about the visit was that unlike almost every historic building that I've visited, we're allowed to photographed inside the castle! I took about 400 pictures in and outside of Himeji Castle, check back in few weeks for the link to the complete album.

After Himeji, I went to Osaka and visited the Osaka-Jo. As you can imagine, my battery died after a whole morning of pictures taking in Himeji. I at least managed to capture few nice shot from out side. I didn't go in to the castle for 2 reasons, one was that it was quite late by the time I arrived to the castle; secondly I had just visited Himeji Castle and was quite tire of walking, Osaka-Jo just didn't compel me to do a tour again.

My feet was soooo sore now. I may take an easier day tomorrow to sightsee Kyoto, or if I am feeling well in the morning, I will take the JR again to Hiroshima.

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