Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 1 in Japan: Tokyo

I'm in Tokyo now. Everything is fine, I have very little problem finding my hostel, and have already made a friend there.

Most people here can understand some English. I was confused while trying to get on a connecting train to Tokyo from Narita. I approached a woman asked which platform should I get to to catch the train to Asakusa, she said something in Japanese and pointed the platform opposite the one she was on. I thanked her and walked over and there was a train at the station waiting for commuter.

But since there were many trains use the same platform, I thought the train wasn't the one that goes to Asakusa, so there I was looking like an idiot standing in front of the train trying to figure out, suddenly the woman walked to me and conversing with me in Japanese but was frustrated that I can't understand her, she then sighed softly and said very slowly and carefully: "this train goes to Asakusa." You can imagine how comically I reacted and jumped on the train that was just about to close the door.

Tomorrow morning I will be going to the fish market with 2 of my hostel-mate, and then meet up with my long lost friend Kim Kim from Singapore who I just few weeks ago dug out from FaceBook and happened to have relocated to Tokyo. Afternoon, I'll catch the Shinkansen to Kyoto and stay for 7 days.

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