Sunday, April 20, 2008

100 lonely day

Yesterday was the 100th day since Neko's passing. I still miss her very dearly, will miss her forever.

I'm currently in Changi Airport, waiting for my flight to ChiangMai. I have been using Changi Airport all my life but this is the first time I take public transportation to get there. Like most of my experience in Singapore, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit, Singpore's subway) ride to the airport is a jiffy. Not only that the airport provides FREE wifi, but also provides more than 10 terminal for folk who does not bring along a laptop.

Anyway, I'll be travelling with AirAsia one of the many budget airline to Bangkok and then a local flight to Chiang Mai, Betty's sister April is living in ChiangMai, I have promoised to visit her while I'm in Malaysia. I planned a 5 days visit there with likely a 3D2N hiking trip into the mountains and villages of ChiangMai and 1.5 or so day sightseeing ChaingMai. Should be fun!

Another 45min before my flight departs...

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