Thursday, February 22, 2007

Presidency Highlight

I heard this from "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me", an NPR radio show a while ago, a question to a panelist about Bush's answer to the highlight of his presidency. The following are the Q and A:

Peter Segal (the host):
"Adam, when asked to name the highlight of their presidency, Jimmy Carter said it was the Camp David Accords; Bill Clinton said it was ending the war in the Balkin. Well in an interview with a German magazine, President Bush was asked to name the highlight of his presidency, he thought about it and then answered what?"

Adam Felber (the panelist): "... He said that it was catching a 7.5 lb perch in his own lake."

Peter Segal: "That's what it was!"

A round of laughter broke out from the audience and the panelists.

And then Roy Blount Jr. (another panelist) suddenly cut in to defend the president: " I would like to... I would like to defend the president on this," he said, " I think he was right!"

That was pretty funny. You can hear that portion of the show from here,
scroll to the bottom and click on the link "When Panelists Work Together"

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