Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Another episode of "In the Waiting Room" starring, you know who.

I just got back from my car dealer for 2 diagnostics, one is brake light came on and off at will, the other is strange noise while driving on 5th gear.

2.5 hours waiting in the fume-saturated waiting room later, here are what I've learned:
Britney Spears marched into a salon and asked to shave her head. The owner of the salon tried to talk her out of it. Instead, Britney Spears took the shaver and shaved her own head, the owner only performed the final touchup. According to the owner, Britney Spears seemed to enjoy shaving her own head.

Anna Nicole Smith, I felt like I've known her for ages now. Her son Daniel died last September. She had been feeling depress since. She had planned her own funeral, and was initially wanted to be burried next to her idol Marilyn Monroe in California, but was too expensive. According to Howard K Stern , her "boy friend" and alleged father of her daughter, Anna Nicole Smith then decided to be burried next to her son in Bahamas. But her mother wanted her to be burried in her home state Texas.

Yes, I did bring a book to read, but the TV was so loud that I couldn't read a word into my brain, and the fume was really giving me a headache. But I was able to read a short article from a magazine, Family Circle?? Anyway, the article titled "How to choose a microwave". What? Just pick the one that is on sale, that's how. Apparantly according to the wisdom of the writer, there are the followings to consider: Shortcut Keys (preset buttons for Popcorn, Defrost etc...) Removable Turntable (so that you can clean it?). Sensor Technology (ability to sense the meat temperature.) and a Child -Proof Door. What? If you read the popcorn package, it will say do not use the preset button on your microwave. My microwave has 8 preset buttons on it: Auto-reheat, Popcorn, Potato, Coffee, Chicken pcs, Fish, Vegetables, Frozen Food. I have only used 3 of them (Auto-Reheat, Popcorn and Frozen Food) a few times and they're never reliable. Don't they all come with removable turntable? Do people cook with microwave really care about meat temperature? Just peek in and if you don't see blood flowing out from the meat, then it's cooked! "Ding! Enjoy Your Meal"

Mind numbing is the best way to describe my afternoon.

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